Production & Development

For over 43 years experience, from engineering through manufacturing, ABC is capable to provide OEM/ODM with international turnkey parts. Gaining experience from manufacturing the critical components for dimensionally and finish demanding Industry, our team is sensitive with the dimension requirements and is able to meet the very strict tolerance. 

Production Machines & Development

♦ CNC Multi-Turning & Milling Combined Machines  

♦ CNC Lathe Machines

♦ CNC Milling Machines

♦ Stamping (Pressing) Machines

♦ Bending Machines

♦ Polishing Machines

♦ Continuous Furnace 

♦ Injection Machines  

♦ Surface Flat Grinding Machines

♦ Centerless Grinding Machines

♦ Ball Grinding Machines

♦ Mirror Lapping Machines

♦ Ultrasonic Cleaner 

♦ Cutting Machine