Diamond Graphited Bushing is to use lead tin bronze system as inner layer and add the special graphite lubricant with a fine tough steel material as outer layer. With addition of ideal graphite lubricant to inset into diamond shape along with its oil groove distributed structure, therefore, it can enhance its self-lubricant performance.
In order to wear-resistance and reduce friction, the diamond shapes have been added special lubricant as natural graphite on inner layer of lead tin bronze. Diamond Graphite lubricant covers minimum 25% of the bronze area surface. Outer layer of steel can reinforce its structure and bear high loading capability.   Consequently, it becomes a bushing composed of Bi-Metal Graphite compound. 

Graphite lubricant.
Alloy bronze on inner layer SAE#797 and SAE#798.
Tough Steel on outer layer SAE#1006 to 1010.


Suitable to use on the difficult place of oil supplying and can be used without oil.
Bearable high loading capability and can enhance its high performance during mid-speed revolution.
Anti-corrosion function.
High precision through grinding.