Valve Plate has outstanding wear-resistance function and the surface of high-density alloy bronze contain self-lubricant grease ingredient. With self-lubricant feature, it is used extensively. Because of the function of capillary aperture on the bronze surface let the high-density surface of inner air holes contain grease. Therefore, it will not be necessary to have specially designed on mechanism to maintain grease ingredient. The Valve Plate has lower wear coefficient than general oil Bearing, with fewer wear-resistance quality, and be able to bear high loading capability. It can be used on the part of rotational motion and effectively used on place where it's not easy to supply oil.

Alloy bronze on top layer SAE#797
Tough Steel on back layer SAE#1006 to 1010.

Bearable high loading capability.
Suitable to use on the difficult place of oil supplying and can be used without oil.
Provided outstanding wear-resistance in lubricate.
Provided low wear coefficient when operating.