About ABC

Acme Bearing Corporation was established in 1977 started by Mr. Leif Yu and renamed as Acme Best Corporation in 1995, relying mainly on manufacturing high-standard Spare Parts, components for Bathroom Accessory, Auto Mobile Industry, and Hydraulic Industry. 

For over 44 years experience, from engineering through manufacturing, ABC is capable to provide OEM/ODM with international turnkey parts. Gaining experience from manufacturing the critical components for dimensionally and finish demanding Industry, our team is sensitive with the dimension requirements and is able to meet the very strict tolerance. 

Since 2008, our factory has been located in the Nantou County area, In central Taiwan, with the  easy reach of all major engineering supports and export/import ports.

Over the last few decades, we have forged an excellent relationship with local and international suppliers of high quality materials which ensure that our end products meet customer’s specifications.

The goal of ABC is to satisfy customer’s unique requirements and cost reduction effectively and to achieve best performance of customer’s systems and to harmonize any of customer’s design.